Habana Dance offers you individual, group or family tours to Cuba, cultural, nature according to your wishes in patented private accomodations or hotels anywhere in Cuba with tourism.  

Cultural Offers: guided tours in the city, lessons in dance, percussion, singing, art or even Spanish classes.

 Excursions in Nature Offers: waterfalls, hikes, beaches, hotel in beautiful places, catamaran, diving, island.

Every year Habana Dance organises traditonally a group tour during the European spring holidays. The programme combines a wide range of activities such as cultural, touristic and gastronomic experiences. Habana Dance offers you the possibility to come into contact with the local population and to learn about their life circumstances.




  1. Depending on the number and interest of the participants 5-7 days dance lesson in havana
  2. On request vist some museum and a tabacconist in Havana and stroll through the old town. In addtion, trips to the beach can be made.
  3. Enjoy the nightlife with music, dance, drinks and fine food in the old town.
  4. Habana, capital of Cuba, is the cultural destination par excellence of the greatest of the Antilles, and one of the most enchanting cities in the world.

Pinar del Rio / ViƱales

Pinar del rio
  1. Pure nature with excursions to caves and / or beaches.
  2. Visit a tabacco platation with explanations for the production of a cigar- from the sowing of tabacco to the finished cigar.
  3. In the evening, get to know local culinary specialties or enjoy local show at a mojito and swing the dancing leg.


  1. Varadero is the most famous of the beaches of Cuba and main tourist destination of sun and beach. The open landscape, the vegetation, the warn climate, the transparency of its sea, the fine white sand that seem sieved by the hand of man, make Varadero an unforgettable and unforgettable destination.

Cienfuegos / Trinidad

Cienfuegos / Trinidad
  1. The beauties of nature can be admired here on romantic rivers and beaches.
  2. In Trinidad, there are numerous museums, or there is the possibility to get in contact with well-known local musians.
  3. Evening visit to Casa de la Trova or other places with shows. etc

Recreation in Natur

Tope de Collante

1. The high endemism of the flora and fauna gives an important scientific value to Topes de Collates, a beautiful vegetation surrounds this Salto, where the national bird, the Tocororo ( Priotelus Tempuras ), whose plumage has the same colors as the Cuban flag, is found in its habitat: blue, red, and white. Among the freshness of the cliffs reproduces the National Flower: the Butterfly ( Hedychium Coronarium Koenig )