Habana Dance offers you Cuban travel, cultural and natural offers, groups, family or individual according to the interests of the clients, in licensed private accommodation or in hotels throughout Cuba
You can always book a Trip to Cuba with us. Habana Dance organises three types of travel:
  • Dance: Guided tours by Ernesto Martínez, including dance lessons.
  • Diamond: You choose your route from a package of defined services.
  • Individually: You can arrange your travel itinerary and we can help you book transport, accommodation and activities.
Cultural programs include guided tours in the city, lessons in dance, percussion, singing, art or even Spanish classes.
Nature offers are trips to waterfalls, hikes, beaches, hotels in beautiful places, catamaran, diving, islands.
Each year during spring holidays we offer a 15 -20 day group trip. A combination of different offers and places in Cuba, to the country with its tourist, cultural and gastronomic offers. It is an opportunity to get in direct contact with the locals and social life, the accommodations and the everyday reality of the Cubans

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