Classes-General Terms

Classes – General terms

If you sign up for a dancing class, you agree to the following terms:


You can sign up for your class online, by a phone call or directly with Ernesto Martinez. For the online registration you need a valid email contact. The registration is binding.

Course Fees

The respective fees are stated per course and have to be paid in full when you start your dancing class. If the course fee is not paid in time, you are not entitled to attend your class any longer.


Absences in the course will not be refunded.


In order to learn the dance technique, the footwork, hip sways and spins, we suggest that you wear dancing shoes or sneakers and light sportswear.


Please report planned absences to Ernesto Martinez in order to find another dance partner in time.

Taster classes

At the beginning of a course you have the opportunity to attend taster classes. These classes have to be paid directly after class.

Salsa Fr. 40.-            ; Zumba Fr. 30.-

Private lessons & Fitness Training

Habana Dance offers single lessons or 10 classes subscriptions. Unattended classes will not be refunded.