About us

Habana Dance GmbH


Brigitta Horst Pfenninger 

For more than 17 years, the President of Habana Dance has been visiting Cuba, the pearl of the Caribbean, with in-depth knowledge of Cuban culture, gastronomy and natural beauty in Cuba. Specializing in traveling to Cuba, Habana Dance offers group, single and diamond travel (VIP). We show you Cuba's cultural diversity, its gastronomic specialties and the natural beauty that spawned the Pearl of the Caribbean.

Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.



Ernesto Martinez Ramos


Ernesto Martinez Ramos is the manager of Habana Dance, a Swiss Cuban with 21 years of travel experience to Cuba.

Professional dancers & dance teachers from Cuba.

Certified Zumba Instructor (ZIN).

Certified Fitness Trainer.

Event Manager.


Qualified Travel Consultant and represents:

Habana Dance GmbH Company In Sydney Australia.

Loraine Vallely

Loraine is a qualified Travel Consultant and represents the Habana Dance GmbH Company in Sydney, Australia.

She has travelled all over the world and shows her love for Cuban culture and for the knowledge of her dances.

Next to the Manager of Habana Dance Ernesto Martinez Ramos. A Swiss-Cuban who is a very talented musician, singer and dancer.

Loraine has been travelling to Cuba to meet and promote the interests of Viajes de Habana Dance GmbH for two years as a volunteer.